Alcides G. Gutierrez, Jr.


Husband and Father
Co-owner at Roastberry Coffee Labs (烤莓)
Copyleft Artist

I used to be a street calligraphy writer. I am currently a street rhyme writer. I don’t consider myself a freestyler, but I do mess around from time to time. I have studied beginner level Sanskrit, Mandarin Chinese and mild Maya glyph. The insight of thought production to articulation gleaned from those studies is a great influence of my current rhyming style.

I am currently writing an epic poem about a homeless mute who meets a former sorcerer. I write new rhymes almost daily exploring certain themes that will be incorporated into the story. My rhymes have been shifting from being about me to just random personas to explore several concepts of content and delivery.






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    old jams

    old jams

    By Alcides G. on June 24, 2014

    These are old tracks I wanted to write songs to, but never got around to doing. Creative Commons. Check...


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    push pop

    push pop

    By Alcides G. on July 21, 2014

    Catch me loose. Flippin’ ya goose and ya lady friend. Oh my bad. Was that ya man? I’m blastin’...